More than only stones


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Witnesses of the Time


Our perception is always use-oriented.

This means for example, that a stone can be decorative or can be used as a building material.


But what happens if we reject the patterns of perception?
What happens if stones suddenly live, or for example, can fly?

This new context opens the perception for stories behind the use-oriented world.
Stones are like tracks of the time. By wind, water and fire the eternity has formed them and they are loaded with cosmic wisdom.

In them, the law of evolution and the spirit of life are manifested.

The stones are the representatives of the past and at the same time, the witnesses of the present.

My sculptures tell the stories behind the use-oriented world.

They tell us about the eternity and human efforts to advance.

It originates a sort of confrontation of the past and the present, the whole time and the human era.

On this platform, the human efforts seems ironically absurd.

They look like surreal dream scenes.

At the end, we are only a tiny part of the whole, the evolution.

Everything moves, everything changes, everything dies and becomes reborn.