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About engl.

Jo Köser, was born in 1959 in Hamburg, Germany. At the end of the eighties, he worked as an independent designer in the field of industry, furniture and luminous objects.


At the beginning of the nineties, he meat a group of artists, whom starting from furniture design, where liberating the objects from his original function and significance, transporting them to a symbolic level.

Taking these thoughts as a starting point, Köser moves away from design and starts creating his first works with sculptoric and conceptual aspects.


The practical experience in the field of design and his extent knowledge of different materials, the use of form, color, proportion and space  are the fundamental for an exceptionally broad spectrum of expression.

In the following years he creates sculptures, art objects and installations, which main characteristics are the materials, the movement, the existential themes and a certain irony in its realization.


The general way of working is constructive, in which Köser combines different materials such as bronze, wood, natural stone, iron and concrete in several ways. Many times Köser uses contrast which is manifestated in the combination of materials and in the internal expression. These dual principals are to be found in his abstract work as well as in his figurative.


Another element is the movement (Kinetics) which is integrated frequently in his work. Sometimes the wind moves the objects, but in most of the cases the observer has to interact with the piece.

His experiences through his traveling in Europe, Asia and Latin America has taking him to an analysis of an individual, the circumstances of life, the historical process and the resulting mentality. This analysis is reflected in his work, sometimes in ironically, sometimes philosophically or in a spiritual way, but never melancholically.

At the end of the nineties, Jo Köser leaves his studio in Hamburg and moves to Ibiza (Spain), where he works for a year on a sculpture project, before establishing as an independent sculptor in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 2016 he returns to his roots and opens a large studio with sculpture park in Ellerbek near Hamburg.

Since 1992 Jo Köser has shown his works in several individual and collective exhibitions, in museums and galleries in Germany, Denmark, Spain and Mexico.

Selection solo exhibitions

• Galerie Atelier III, "Objekt und Bewegung", Barmstedt, Germany / November – January 2019

• Atelier Jo Köser, "HEIMAT / Hamburg - Mexiko und zurück", Ellerbek, Germany / October 2018

• Atelier Jo Köser, “Steine und andere Leichtigkeiten”, Ellerbek, Germany / November 2017

• Museo Jardin Borda, "Mundos en Movimiento" ("Worlds in Movement"), Cuernavaca, México / August - October 2010

• More than 30 sculptures in workshop, garden and studio of Jo Köser, Emiliano Zapata, México / December 2011

• Gallery Sediwa, "Encounter", Hamburg, Germany / April 2005

• Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo de Yucatán, MACAY, "Relations", Merida, Yucatán, México / April - June 2004

• Time Gallery, Neue ABC-Strasse, Hamburg, Germany / April 2003

• Gallery  Strathwork, Ladbergen,  Germany, March / April 2001

• Gallery  Libro Azul, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Spain / May 2000

• Gallery  Oliver Wieshoff, Bremen, Germany / November 1997

• Art Hamburg, Germany / Lightobjects / December 1992




Selection collective exhibitions

• “One small world”, Drostei, Pinneberg, Germany /Juni –Juli 2023

• Atelier Jo Köser, “ NovemberExpo”, Ellerbek, Germany / November 2022

• Leuchtturmprojekt Sønderborg Mirrors 2020, “Walking Through“, Lysabild, Denmark , Official inauguration 2020

• “Spejlinger 2020“ / 2020 Spiegelungen 2020, Sketch-Ausstellung im Multikulturhaus in Sonderburg, Dänemark / 2020

• “Mensch”, 8 Künstler - 8 Perspektiven, Atelier Jo Köser, Ellerbek, Germany / 2020

• Atelier Jo Köser, “Trilogie”, Ellerbek, Germany / August 2019

• Skulpturenpark 2018, Schloßinsel Barmstedt, Germany / May 2018

• Gallery La Turbina, "Testigos del Tiempo. Infinitud  manifiesta." Tepoztlan, Mexico / November 2014

• "Encuentro de Expresiones", Hotel Anticavilla, Cuernavaca, Mexico / July 2013

• "Art of Dream", Bundespresseamt Berlin and the Gallery KIT in Hamburg, Germany / August 2011

• "Horizonte 2011", Provianthaus Glückstadt, Germany /August 2011

• "Campanas al Vuelo", La Casona Cuernavaca, México / November 2009

• Gallery Art é Art, "EROTI-K ", Cuernavaca, México / February 2008

• "HERMANDADES ESCULTORICAS, MÉXICO – JAPÓN  2007" in Mérida, Yucatán, México / April 2007 to February 2008

• Museum of Comunication, "Einblicke, Lichtblicke, Durchblicke", Hamburg, Germany / October 2007

• La Sombra del Sabino, Tepozlan, México / November 2006

• Art Gallery & Co., Cuernavaca, México / December 2005

• Participation in the FESTIVAL  INTERNATIONAL  OF  ART  IN  CUERNAVACA, Morelos, México / November 2005

• "RENOVARTE", Misión del Sol y Gallery Nuove, Cuernavaca, México / March 2005

• Gallery Atrium, Hamburg, Germany / Sculptur in movement / November 2002

• Collective exhibition in the company “Kiwilogic”, Hamburg, Germany / Sculptur in concrete / May 2001

• "La ultima obra", participation in the group exhibition on the Baleares, Valle de Morna, San Carlos, Ibiza, Spain / July 1999

• Gallery  von Knobelsdorf, Haseldorf - Hamburg, Germany / July 1999

• Installation: "Getan-Gesagt" (Done-Said) as part of the exhibition “Kunst-Landschaft”, Hamburg, Germany / June 1998

• Gallery Project, permanent exhibition, Zeisehallen, Hamburg, Alemania / Sculptur, light and furniture objects / 1997-1998

• Participation in the collective exhibition of the "Kooperativer Kulturkreis" / KKK, Münster, Germany / September 1997

• "Raumobjekte 97", Art and design fair, Hamburg, Germany / Light and furniture objects / 1997

• Organisation of the exhibition "Möbel im Michel", Hamburg, Germany / participation with installation / Abril 1996

• "Formart", Art and design fair, Bochum, Germany / Light and furniture objects / July 1995

• "Conarde Kunsthof", Ennigerloh, Germany / Sculptures and furniture objects / October 1994




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