Mundos (Worlds)


 Social systems with its rules and norms form the basis for our coexistence, although they limit the freedom of the individual.


In a certain manner, "Mundos" reflects the relationship between society and individual.

The base, the cube out of concrete, stands for the society. Geometry and urban materials reflects order, rules and norms.

And natural stones with characters of human beings, symbolize our individual worlds.

The individual worlds are different, organic, chaotic, not calculable and constantly in movement. They stand in contrast to the system and organization of our societies, but they are also a part of this.


In the work, "Mundos", the discrepancy appears, -but also the uniqueness of the individual. 

Mundos (Worlds) / 2009

Material: Natural stones, copper, stainless steel

Base: Concrete (40 x 40 x 60 cm)

Height: 380 cm