"Done - Said"


"Done - Said" An installation of Jo Köser and Thilo von Heydekampf




On a green meadow in Hamburg-Vierlanden we created a wild garbage dump.

It lies exactly where usually wild garbage dumps lie. Therefore immediately evokes a provocation.


Due to artistic as well as technical reasons the wild garbage dump consists

exclusively of black and white utility goods which are alternately inscribed with black and white letters.


On each single “piece” of garbage are written words, sentences or (philosophical) fragments just like the objects themselves.

The focal point is the interaction, that the things – and also people – first receive their identity when they lose their usefulness.


The things which are finished, used and worn out, done and said: they land on the rubbish dump.

Here, where the usefulness of these things ends, begins something new: Their story.


Therefore the functioning refrigerator always tells: refrigerate.

The discarded refrigerator tells more. The tale of his owner - and much more than that: Its own story.


Everything incorporates a vibrant strength, which is covered by its use!

The wild rubbish dump reveals this power, by transforming the things from their utility function onto a new intellectual dimension.


It becomes obvious that what remains from these things are their names.

Only the words reinstates the own meaning of the things.


They release the things from their usage.

And turns a keystone of our civilisation inside out. DONE, SAID.